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Rules on www.photographersleague.ro

- Users must fill the registration form with their real surname and name.nicknames are not admitted on www.photographersleague.ro
- The purpose of this site is to present real photographers and portfolios.
- Members are admitted only with an invitation from one of the founders.
- In the case in which the name and surname stated do not correspond with reality, the account will be deleted without any right of contest.
- Photos are size-limited to 150 kb and the large side can have at most 600 px.
- Photo format : JPEG

The exposed photographs will not harm minorities, and will not urge trough their message to pornography, violence, racism etc. In the contrary they will be deleted as soon as the administration is noticed.


- Any amateur or professional photographer that has received an invitation can join Photographers League, as long as he fills in his real name and surname on the registration form.
- The access password will be sent on the e-mail provided on registration.
- Password can be changed by accessing “My page -> Personal detailes “
- When exposing photos, you implicitly declare that you are the author of those photos , that you own the copyright and that you will be held responsible for any problem bounded to their posting.
- The photos exposed will not be used in any purpose except presenting them on www.photographersleague.ro
- Photos that do not belong to the user will not be accepted; these will be erased as soon as the administration is noticed, and the account will be immediately deleted.

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