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   Biography by Ciprian Strugariu    
2003 - First (analogic) single lens reflex camera. Fell in love with photography. Experiences in portraits, landscapes and model photography. First photo published in a magazine.

2004 - Founding member, FOTOCLUB DE BUCURESTI, an NGO created to promote Bucharestís photography and photographers.

2005 - First digital single lens reflex camera. Discovered and explored studio photography. Organized several artistic events and group exhibitions with FOTOCLUB DE BUCURESTI. Participated in several group exhibitions in Timisoara and Bucharest. Member of an international jury in the Photovacation competition, Primorsko. Published several articles in the romanian FOTOMAGAZIN e-zine.

2006 - Published "Nuante Intime", a fine-art photography calendar together with Dan Tataru. First personal exhibition abroad "About Her", in Primorsko. Works published in french PHOTO magazine and in several romanian magazines. Started to do advertising photography.

2007 - Published in french PHOTO and in several romanian magazines including Playboy and FHM. Got serious about fashion photography.

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