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   Biography by Alin Popescu    
Amateur born photographer, every day trying to outrun myself ...

2005 - Honorable mention of the jury, Romanian Saloon of Touristic Photography
2006 - 3rd prize at the same Saloon, spring edition
2006 - First prize - Fotogeografica, 10th ed.
2006 - Grand Prize Winner of Microsoft Future Pro Photographer, 1st ed.
2006 - 2nd prize, Romanian Saloon of Touristic Photography, autumn edition
2007 - Honorable mention of the jury, Lucie Awards
2007 - First prize at Hippic Photography Camp, Sf Gheorghe
2007 - 3rd prize and mention - "Vezi Orange" Photography Competition

Published work:

- Technical photography articles published in Photomagazine
- Portofolio presentation in the same magazine
- Portofolio presentation in Tarom Insight Magazine
- Landscape collection in a mountain hotel, 80x60 cm prints
- Permanent exhibition at Ialomita County Museum of the winner photograph from Microsoft Future Pro Photographer

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