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   Biography by Stelian Pavalache    
Born at: 03 August 1976
Sign of the zodiac: Lion (Fire Dragon: Chinese)(Hunter:Indian)
Profession: Photographer, Programming engineer, Web Developer & Graphic Designer
Hobbys: Photographic Art, Painting, Climbing
Personal Web Sites: [www.photodesign.ro] [www.romaniaperu2005.com]
Member and founder of Romanian Photography Association - AFR
Member and founder of Extrem Alpin Association
Photo Editor and Senior Photographer for Dreamstime Agency Stock Photography
Member: Romanian Alpin Club

Premii la saloane nationale si internationale de fotografie.
5 expozitii de fotografie in tara. ( Searching for Inca & Put yourself in my place).
O expozitie de pictura. (ulei)
Articole si prezentari de fotografie in publicatii de gen in tara si strainatate.
Film documentar TVR (Quechua People).

   Who are you, Photography?

Why this question? Otherwise how? How could I speak to the light? I'm struggling to dive in the world of light and bring it here in the form of letter and words. What a unfair mission I have, it is as if I would dig in the mistery of the infinity man.
    Somewhere a small fragment of light is my world and the light within. Trough it's light all things have a form and touch. They show and mesmerize me. I don't believe in forms and colors...I don't even know if they really exist. I don't believe in the moral of forms, of words with no light, I don't belive that.... I don't believe that the light is absolute....I press the shutter button.
   The infine worlds, even mine, mixed together fall through the child's fingers and sincerely sit on the eternal silver. An image with sould. The shutter closes, darkness in the hand of the child without the light.

   Wondering what all this has to do with photography?
   This is how I feel it.
   This is what I belive...OF THE LIGHT

   Cine esti fotografie?

    ... De ce intrebarea asta? altfel cum? ... cum as putea vorbi cu lumina? ... incerc sa ma adancesc in lumea ei pentru a o aduce aici sub forma literelor. Ce misiune ingrata, e ca si cum as rascoli impertinent misterul omului infinit. Dar ...tine-ti minte stelele cazatoare?... ei bine framantati in caushul palmei un infinit de stele si apoi cu sinceritatea unui copil aruncati cu ele in univers.
   Se vor naste oameni si lumile lor. Undeva o mica frantura de lumina este lumea mea si lumina din ea. Prin lumina ei toate lucrurile au forma si ating. Se arata si ma minuneaza. Nu cred in forme si culori ... nici nu stiu daca ele exista cu adevarat. Nu cred in morala formelor, nu cred in morala cuvintelor fara lumina, nu cred ca... nu cred ca lumina`i absoluta ... apas pe declansator, infintele lumi ... (chiar si a mea), amestecate cad printre degetele copilului si se aseaza sincere pe argintul etern. O imagine cu suflet. Se inchide obturatorul... intuneric in causul copilului fara lumina.

    Va intrebati ce treaba are totul cu fotografia?
   Asa o simt eu.
   Acesta este crezul meu.... DESPRE LUMINA.
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